Rent Mitsubishi Montero Sport Prime Edition 2023 in Dubai

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  • AED 2,200
  • AED 7,500
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Rent Mitsubishi Montero Sport Prime Edition – We are thrilled to present the ultimate manifestation of innovation and style from our prestigious auto hire service, Sky Luxse.

Why hire Mitsubishi Montero Sport Prime Edition in Dubai?

The Montero, renowned and select, makes for the perfect option. Boasting an impressive 429 HP, its V8 engine enables unparalleled acceleration reaching 250 km/h.

Not only does the Mitsubishi Montero provide exceptional performance, it also features state-of-the-art navigation, advanced safety systems, and cutting-edge multimedia, guaranteeing comfort and convenience on your journeys.

Dressed in a striking bright grey exterior, the Mitsubishi Montero captivates attention on the road. Every detail, from its expressive grille to elegant silhouette, contributes to its modern and stylish image as an SUV.

Step into this luxurious vehicle and be greeted by an intricately crafted interior. Adorned with high-quality leather, ergonomic seats, and adjustable lighting, the Mitsubishi Montero Sport Prime Edition provides an immersive and comfortable driving experience.

With its powerful engine and advanced technology, this vehicle offers unparalleled dynamism and maneuverability on the vibrant roads of the Emirates.

How much is rent of Mitsubishi Montero Sport in the UAE?

Drive a Mitsubishi for AED 6500/month . Experience luxury with Sky Luxse. Enjoy this 2023-model in UAE. Rentals cover 250 km/day mileage. AED 6500/month offers great value. Basic insurance is included. Additional km at AED 10 each. Contact or WhatsApp +(971)586881586 for bookings. AED 3000 security deposit required. Book your ride today!

What are the requirements to rent Mitsubishi Montero Sport Prime Edition?

In order to hire an extravagant German SUV, a driver must fulfill the following criteria: they must be a minimum of 25 years old, possess a valid driver’s license, and have access to a credit card.

Moreover, we offer the convenience of delivering a car to a location of your preference, such as your home or office. The delivery service is free; however, cost may vary depending on your specific location.

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